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  • Use Paporize with any or all of your preferred sharing methods – email, file syncing, disk storage.
  • There are no restrictions on how you can share your files.
  • Only those persons you authorize can access them, regardless of how, when, or where they are shared or stored.


  • Secure and control any type of file and format.
  • Designate folders with specific permissions.
  • Have the ability to drag and drop files into those folders to adopt the same permissions.
  • Including but not limited to: mp3, svg, doc, sit, xls, jpg, mov, txt…


With one click you can:

  • Secure files and folders.
  • Grant access and permissions, including Read, Edit, Print, Copy, and Timed Expiration.
  • Control changes, revoke access, or change permissions in real-time.
  • Make changes hours, days, and years after sharing.


  • Where your document or folder has been sent.
  • Failed attempts.
  • Who has viewed it and what they have done or attempted to do on the file or document.

Security and Control Has Never Been So Smooth



Paporize is simple to use and easy to learn. With its user friendly dashboard and clean interface, you will effortlessly grant and revoke permissions.



Since Paporize allows you to use an existing account, you won’t have to worry about another username and password. Simply login to your email account, whether it is gmail, aol, yahoo, outlook, etc.



Real time control allows you to approve or deny access instantaneously.



A very small price for piece of mind.

Trusted By Professionals In All Industries

file security - paporize - protected health information


HIPAA compliance is very important and as a company, we have made it our responsibility to provide that for you. Not only will you meet HIPAA rules and regulations, but you will also do so with confidence and ease.


Keep your student information secure with Paporize. Give professors and students the secure alternative to sharing course materials and taking timed exams.


Keep your client’s trust with file sealed briefs and secure information exchange. Confidentiality is a must and Paporize does it’s best to protect it.

4.5 Out Of 5 Stars Review

file security - paporize
file security - paporize
file security - paporize
file security - paporize

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Secure File Collaboration is a critical component of Babson’s business and our current many methods are all point solutions and don’t meet the enterprise needs across the college. With Paporize, we see a promising easy to use enterprise solution that enables multiple use cases.

Andy Lymburner

Information Security Officer, Babson College

Get Control Of Your Files Both In And Out Of The Cloud

Don’t rely on legal disclaimers and trust alone. Use a technology safety net. Use Paporize.

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