Protect Your Students With The Logical Information Security

Give professors and students the secure alternative to sharing course materials and taking timed exams.

How We Stand Out

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Easy Sharing

Unlike other security software, sharing a file with Paporize is uncomplicated. There are no extra windows or download processes for the recipient. It is effortless.

Every File Type & Format

There are no restrictions when it comes to file type or format. Whatever file it is that you consider important and needing security can be encrypted in any format.

Constant Encryption

Whether your encrypted file gets downloaded, sent to someone else or copied, it remains encrypted. So only those authorized to view the document can do so.


Unlike other software, Paporize’s file security is not limited to the cloud. Your file will remain encrypted regardless of whether it is in or out of the cloud giving you the best security.

Education With Paporize

information security - any file/format

Security For All Submissions

  • Secure and control any type of file and format.
  • Grant folders with specific permissions and files dropped into them will adopt the same.
  • Whether that is e-books, research documents, exams or student applications and submissions.
  • Whatever type or format your students and professors counts on can be properly secured.

Share Material Securely and Efficiently

  • Allow faculty to create timed material (such as tests.)
  • Collaborate confidentially on research material.
  • Retain information security while distributing course-packs and e-material into student portals.
  • Give students controlled access to both courses and faculty material in the same simple way.
information security - student/faculty material
information security - manage

Keep Your Material Managed

  • Grant access and permissions, including Read, Edit, Print, Copy, and Timed Expiration for both your faculty and your students.
  • Prevent internal and external misuse of exams or sensitive material.
  • Control changes, revoke access, or change permissions in real-time.

Monitor Your Files Activity

  • Follow where your files have been sent.
  • Monitor failed attempts and get awareness of hacking attempts.
  • See who has viewed it and what they have done or attempted to do on the file or document.
  • Using audit-trail capabilities, save on expensive “site-licenses” for study documents.
information security - file audit trails

Give Your Institute The Best Security

Don’t let complex software bog you down. Give your faculty, administration and students security and piece of mind with Paporize.

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