Frequently Asked Questions


Is an Internet connection needed for Paporize to work?

Yes, not unlike a lot of cloud services.  Our devices are almost always connected to the ‘Net.

Can I use Paporize on a flight?

A surprising number of flights offer wi-fi and performance is getting better.  But if your flight does not have a way to connect to the ‘Net, you cannot use Paporize.

How about an "offline" mode?

Offline modes are not offered at this time.

So do I upload/download my secure file to Paporize?

No, files never get uploaded/downloaded to Paporize.  Files always remain in your possession.  Consequently, it would be fruitless for either a hacker or authorities to approach Paporize to get a copy of your file.

Does Paporize require a broadband connection?

No, communication to Paporize over the Internet is remarkably lightweight and does not require a broadband connection.


When will Paporize be available on ____ device?

See Platform Updates for the latest availability.

Are secured files only utilizable on Microsoft Windows?

No, Paporize files are designed to be used across any platform or operating system.  But the SecureViewer engine that helps to interpret the secured files may not be available on every platform.  See question below.

Can I use Paporize on any folder including Dropbox and other file-sharing folders?

Of course. You can use Paporize on just about any folder, it makes no difference what service the folder is used for.

Do I need administrator capability to install Paporize SecureViewer on Windows?

Yes, you do need administrator rights to install the SecureViewer engine.


Windows - what about 32 bit vs. 64 bit?

32, 64-bit support is seamlessly provided on Windows 7 and 8.1.

File Security


What if hackers got my encryption "key"?

There is no single key for a user.  Every secured file gets its own randomly generated encryption key.  If you secure ten thousand files, there are ten thousand keys to hack into.  Given that AES 256-bit is very strong to begin with, this random key generation safeguards your files even more.

What kind of encryption do you use?

Paporize utilizes AES 256-bit encryption sufficient to protect information at “top-secret” government level.  See How it Works for more information.

How big are secured files?

Secured files are almost the same size as the original file – to be exact – 1000 bytes larger than the original file.

Do secured files have an extension?

Yes, secured files have a .ppz file extension.


What's the difference between PRO and BUSINESS?

PRO is meant for the individual with free domain email addresses (such as where BUSINESS is meant for businesses that have employees all working under a single non-free domain email addresses (such as

I upgraded to a PRO/BUSINESS account, what do I re-install or re-configure?

Nothing, that’s the beauty.  You are all set.

I want to upgrade for additional benefits, but I don't see how?

Simply sign in and follow recommendations.  You don’t need to spend hours searching and comparing plans.

I don't see any way to register or sign up?

Paporize will not burden you with the need to add yet another account and password to manage.  We leverage identity systems that are already well established.

Microsoft Windows desktops/computers

Oops, I used the wrong email as my identity. Can I change it?

Definitely.  Right-click on the Paporize icon in the system tray, choose “Logout” and then “Login” as shown above.

How do I establish my identity with Paporize?

Your identity is simply an email address.   Right-click on the Paporize icon in the system tray and then the “Login” menu item.  Follow the directions to login to your Google gmail or Apps for Work account.



Installation completed successfully, but how do I know Paporize is running?

Paporize SecureViewer will be automatically running in the system tray as shown below.

If not, on Windows 7, double-click on the Paporize shield icon shortcut on your desktop. On Windows 8, use the search charm for Paporize SecureViewer and launch it.


Do I need administrator access to install on Windows?

Yes, you do need administrator privileges for the installation.

How do I know that the setup executable is published by Paporize?

The setup executable is digitally signed with Paporize’s certificate.  You should check this by looking for the Verified Publisher as shown in the image below.

SecureViewer UAC privs

My anti-virus quarantined the Paporize setup exe file

This is also a false positive.  The setup executable does not have any malware.  You can double-check for yourself in a couple of different ways. See the anti-virus report  for Paporize SecureViewer setup here or for the entire Paporize website here.


I get an "uncommon download" warning using the Chrome browser

This is a false positive for sites that Google has not seen much of, which is perfectly reasonable given that Paporize is startup.   Here is the full explanation of their intent.  Ignore the warning and “Keep” the setup file.  Then run the setup.

Paporize could have used specialized sites that host software downloads.  However, these sites also wrap our download executable into multiple clicks and “bloatware” i.e. installations that are unconnected with the original download executable.  To be true to our mission, we need to be simple and direct and so we have skipped this option.

What operating system versions are supported?

Windows versions 7 through 8.1.

Do You Have Unanswered Questions?

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with a question left unanswered. We would love to hear from you.

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