Secure All Files And Documents Using Government Grade Encryption Ciphers

Sufficient enough to protect information at the "TOP SECRET" level.

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file encryption

The Encryption "Key"

For each document there is an encryption key that is randomly generated. Even though the secured document can be copied as a file, all copies remain secured. Even if secured documents are copied from, for example, a shared Dropbox folder to a local drive, security it not affected.

No File Uploads Or Special Folders

Paporize secures your file locally on your device such as a desktop computer. Files are never uploaded or stored in the Paporize cloud service so files always remain in your possession. Only you get to decide how and when you want to send the file. It does not matter what method you use.

file encryption - no uploads
file encryption - instantaneous permission control

Real Time

You can alter controls at any time, instantaneously. If you accidentally sent a Paporize secured document to the wrong person, access to the document can be immediately denied. A Paporize secured document behaves as if revocable at any time.

It's Easy To Get Started

In three simple steps you will be securing and sending files. There are no special browsers, downloads, complicated software or passwords you’ll forget.

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