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secure file sharing - individuals


  • Confidently send personal health or financial records to another person with secure file sharing.
  • Submit applications that contain your personal information like social security number, drivers license etc.
  • Prevent identity theft.
  • Secure passwords to your online accounts.
  • Keep your tax documents secure
  • Submit receipts for reimbursements.
  • Share information about your children (such as immunization records) in a confidential manner.


  • Reduce the “insider threat” connected with employees or business partners.
  • Collaborate instantly with other businesses  using low-cost secure file sharing services (like Dropbox) that are usually banned in the workplace.   No complicated domain or shared server setup needed. Files and documents remain protected from hacks or leaks.
  • Keep control over key intellectual property and trade secrets by revoking privileges even if you decide to stop collaborating with another business.
  • Take control over the documents when employees leave the company.
  • Effectively “remote erase” documents.
  • Prevent embarrassment and loss of reputation when files are publicized by mistake.
  • Remain in control of documents even after networks are hacked.
  • Secure senior management internal files.
  • Accept files from individuals that are normally considered PII (personal identifiable information) without any more special handling.
secure file sharing - business

Industries With Our Assurance

HIPAA - protected health information


HIPAA compliance is very important and as a company, we have made it our responsibility to provide that for you. Not only will you meet HIPAA rules and regulations, but you will also do so with confidence and ease.


Keep your client’s trust with file sealed briefs and secure information exchange. Confidentiality is a must and Paporize does it’s best to protect it.


Keep your student information secure with Paporize. Give professors and students the secure alternative to sharing course materials and taking timed exams.

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