Give Your Clients The Confidentiality They Deserve

Keep your client’s trust with file sealed briefs and secure file exchange.

Why Paporize?

Effortless Sharing

Unlike other file security software, sharing a file with Paporize is uncomplicated. There are no extra windows or download processes for the recipient. It is effortless.

All File Types & Formats

There are no restrictions when it comes to file type or format. Whatever file it is that you consider important and needing security can be encrypted in any format.

Reliable Encryption

Whether your encrypted file gets downloaded, sent to someone else or copied, it remains encrypted. So only those authorized to view the document can do so.

No Restrictions

Unlike other software, Paporize’s file security is not limited to the cloud. Your file will remain encrypted regardless of whether it is in or out of the cloud giving you the best security.

Revolutionize Your Legal Practice

Share Client's Files Securely And Efficiently

  • Remain compliant with your client’s confidentiality and file security while sharing file sealed briefs or collaborating patents
  • Only those persons you authorize can get access to them so you don’t need to worry about sensitive client information getting in the wrong hands.
legal file security
HIPAA - protected health information

Keep Your Practice And Client's Files Managed

  • Grant access and permissions, including Read, Edit, Print, Copy, and Timed Expiration for your practice, outside collaborators and your clients.
  • Prevent internal and external misuse of files.
  • Control changes, revoke access, or change permissions in real-time.

Monitor Your Files Activity

  • Follow where your files have been sent.
  • Monitor failed attempts and get awareness of hacking attempts.
  • See who has viewed it and what they have done or attempted to do on the file or document.
  • Back up client confidentiality with audit-trails.
HIPAA - protected health information

Get Your Practice The Best Security

Don’t let complex software bog down your practice. Get your client’s proper confidentiality and piece of mind with Paporize.

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