Paporize v0.25

For Windows


Download & Installation Instructions

Download Instructions

Once you have clicked on the button above, Paporize will automatically begin downloading. When the download is complete, you will see the file at the bottom of your browser.

file security software


After opening the file, you will be prompted with the below security warning. Click “Run” and another security warning will open up in which you will select “Yes”.

file security software

Paporize SecureViewer Setup Wizard will be launched and you will click “Next” to the next step.

file security software

Here is where you will accept the terms of the License Agreement and click “Next” to the following step.

file security software

In this window, you can browse and choose a location in which you want Paporize to be installed. Once you have chosen a location, click “Install”.

file security software

When the installation is complete, the below window will pop up informing you that the installation is finished.

file security software

After Installation

Open Paporize once you have finished the installation. You will notice the Paporize icon in your toolbar. Right click on the icon and select “Login”.

file security software                      file security software

A window will pop up informing you that a browser will be launched and you will login with your Google credentials. Click “OK” to begin logging in.

file security software

The new browser window will open, prompting you to sign in using a Google account. You have the option to choose GMail, Google Apps, or to create a new google account with any current email address if you do not have one of the previous options.

file security software

If you choose GMail or Google Apps, a new window will open asking you to choose which Google account you want to sign in with. If you are creating a new account, the following window will open up. Once you have filled out the Google form, click “Next Step”.

file security software

After the form has been submitted, you will be asked to verify the email address you chose. Once verified, right click on the Paporize icon in your toolbar and click “Login”. The first few steps will be repeated until you are asked to sign in with a Google account, in which you will use the one you just created.

Navigation Through Your Account

After logging in, you will have access to your account information which includes the plan you have, the details of that plan, and if there are any urgent matters to attend to. The other toggle will include a list of your secured documents as well as the permissions for each of those files.

file security software


Under “Viewers managed in Paporize” you have the ability to add viewers by clicking on the address book, modify the selected viewers privileges by clicking on the lock, and removing access to viewers  by clicking on the red button.

How Do I Secure A File?

Securing a file with Paporize is as simple as two clicks of your mouse. First, navigate to the file you want to secure.

file security software

Next, select and right click on that file.

file security software

Paporize, along with the icon, will be one of the first few options. If you put your cursor on the Paporize option, the sub-menu “Convert to secure file(s)” will appear.

file security software

Once selected, you will get the same Login prompt as per previous directions. While logged in, you will now see the document you just secured under “List of secured files I own”. From here, you will be able to add any viewers and permissions that you desire. (For reference on adding viewers, modifying privileges or removing viewers, refer back to the “Navigation Through Your Account” section)

How do I secure a folder?

Securing a folder is just as simple as securing a file.  Navigate to the folder you want to secure and follow the same steps as securing a file.

Now that the folder is secure, any files dropped into that folder will automatically adopt the same permissions that were placed on the folder.


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